Tool - Die Eier Von Satan
(non-official video)
This video was made for academic purposes only, I'm a big fan of Tool, so I chose this song. It was the final test of the video editing subject. 

ALL THE MUSIC RIGHTS BELONG TO TOOL and associated. No copyright infringement intended.

Produced by Lulú Velázquez and me.
Directed, photographed, edited and designed by me.
About the concept

“All that glisters is not gold;
Often have you heard that told:
Many a man his life hath sold
But my outside to behold:
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.”

- William Shakespeare
The song has a heavy and slow rhythm, it is very dark. You can feel the tension in which the Spokesperson gives the speech, German is an aggressive language. The intention of the voice refers to a fascist speech, the people in the background, respond with joy, excited.
The rhetoric of the transmitter goes in crescento. But nevertheless the most interesting part of this piece of Tool is that, precisely, thanks to all these sensations that emanates us, it is hard to imagine that the lyrics are completely out of context of what is perceived in the dark notes and rhythms.
The main idea of making this video clip is to respect and preserve the original idea of the song. For the videoclip we propose a situation that an alienated old woman follow the recipe of the cookies that the spokesman is giving by Television, there also is a character that plays like her assistant with a gas mask and and there also is an oven. Both of these are references to the Nazi concentration camps. 

This video also criticizes the mass manipulation of the actual president of the United States Donald Trump.
Thanks for watching!
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